Calligraphy Style? Matching Wall Scrolls?

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Calligraphy Style? Matching Wall Scrolls?

Post by Customer » Apr 5, 2011 2:41 pm

[I just placed an order for "integrity"]
I want to order honor and love if I like what I see when this arrives. I had a real hard time picking a style and deciding whether to pay for more expensive calligraphy.

I study martial arts. I also am about to become a father. Our family code is based on honor, integrity and love. I intend for these scrolls to be handed down in my family. I want them as traditional and “scroll like” as possible.

I welcome your input. If I have to reorder even this initial one, I would.



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Post by Gary » Apr 5, 2011 3:16 pm

Deciding between the standard calligrapher and master calligrapher can be tough.

I favor our standard calligrapher for personal name wall scrolls. This is because these items are more novelties (not really serious and profound calligraphy). Chinese people don't buy their one name written in calligraphy - we westerners just like it because it's exotic.

For something more profound like an important word, proverb, poem, or tenet, I favor the master calligrapher. This is really investment-quality calligraphy. Our master calligrapher, Xing An-Ping was even chosen to demonstrate all forms of writing calligraphy in China for NBC during the Olympic coverage. His calligraphy is also used as the title/headers of a couple magazines in China. He also carves signature chops for some of the top politicians in China (the equivalent of Senators from the USA). He's top notch, and I believe he is still ranked as one of the top 200 calligraphers in all of China.

I've been working with him for almost 8 years now. We have a special relationship and arrangement. I get a better price than anyone else, but I bring him a regular and high quantity of work. He really feels the other half of his payment is knowing that his artwork is hanging on walls all around the world (60+ countries so far) because we ship his artwork everywhere.

His artwork sells for up to $200 for a small wall scroll in China, and $500 for larger scrolls and sets of scrolls. We sell his artwork starting at under $70 for single-character wall scrolls, and a bit over $100 for the most elaborate creations.

We are working on the possibility of a temporary reduction in his price (because of the economy). We want it to be $40 for his fee for the first scroll, and $30 for each additional from the same customer. This is harder than you might think to code into the website. I might do a rebate deal where you get a store credit of $10 for each scroll by Xing An-Ping toward any future purchase. If you have a good idea, let me know.

If you want your wall scrolls to match perfectly, please order them at the same time.

We don't run a factory. We make the wall scrolls by hand, and most of the materials used to make them are handmade as well. This means there are variations from batch to batch of everything.


This month, the green silk might be forest green, the next batch might be lighter.

The length is done by eye, unless we are making a matching set for a customer (so the length of a single scroll you order today, could be an inch or so different than one you order in a month).

In fact, we're turning about 10,000 wooden knobs on a lathe right now. These new knobs will have a different finish than the last 10,000 that we've been using for the past 2 years. They should be installed on new wall scrolls starting before the end of May. If you order today, you'll get dark knobs turned from jichimu (a dark but brittle and rare Chinese wood). This wood was too hard to turn, and some knobs almost exploded on the lathe. So we are changing to a nice elm wood that is native to China (more renewable, and easier to turn and polish).
An order in mid-May could end up with the new knobs which will be lighter in color, more polished, and have a nice wood grain showing. They both look good, but they are different, so order accordingly.

Let me know if any of this information has you wanting to modify the order you just made (or holding it until you are ready to order your whole set).

We take all the risk, even with our custom made items. So if you order 3 wall scrolls, and decide that you don't like them, or in any way they don't delight you, just return them within 30 days of delivery.

Your only risk is the cost of shipping to send them back to San Diego (our interim stop after they are shipped to the USA from China). Although if the reason was a defect or our error, I would find a way to pay for return shipping.