Help with translation for a tattoo ASAP

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Help with translation for a tattoo ASAP

Post by Zari_kayy » Apr 7, 2016 6:23 am

I want to get a tattoo of the Bible scripture Matthew 28:20. The phrase is: I am always with you. When I type this into google translate I get 我总是跟你 but I'm not sure if this is correct. Please help me get the correct translation!

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Re: Help with translation for a tattoo ASAP

Post by Gary » Apr 8, 2016 9:43 pm

The whole verse is:
28:20 凡 我 所 吩 咐 你 們 的 、 都 教 訓 他 們 遵 守 我 就 常 與 你 們 同 在 、 直 到 世 界 的 末 了 。

You kind of want 我就常與你們同在, but this sounds a little corny as a tattoo. Maybe corny is not the word, but not natural.

This is really tricky. There is a common issue where things are lost in translation or yield an awkward result coming from the Greek or Aramaic of the New Testament to English and then to Chinese. The whole verse makes sense, but the extraction you want is just funky as a tattoo.

The generic translation you got from Google is more like "I will follow you always".

I can't endorse either one of these as a tattoo. I did consult briefly with the native translator, and she concurs.

I can have a native translator work on this for you, but I have to pay her, so there is a fee if we go down that path. We might be able to come up with a poetic or ancient-sounding way to write this, but it takes effort (as you would expect if composing poetry).

If you want to pursue that, you can start here: ... ervice.php
Follow some of the free sample links on that page so you can see how the templates work.

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