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incredibly lovely

Posted: Oct 1, 2009 6:51 pm
by Evaleen

I know you must be a busy guy, but I need you to tell the artists of the work I purchased that their art is breathtakingly beautiful!

I purchased 3 Xiao Meng crane pieces. I have the Blue Dreams and the Autumn Birch side by side and they compliment each other so well! The colors are so bold and vibrant! If this is watercolor, I am truly amazed. I want every one of their paintings, but stopped at my 3. As an artist myself, I still have never seen color and technique like this anywhere. I think that their paintings and style are incredibly unique and creative! I bet there isn't anything else like them in the world.
I would love to see them branch off into something other than cranes, such as dragons *wink, wink* :D. A blue dragon with their bold colors and whimsical scenes would make me burst out into tears and bow and grovel at their feet :oops:! Well, that is if I could find them...

I also purchased the Koi Fish & Chrysanthemums by Wen Jun. Again, I am amazed at the technique. I love how each beautiful koi is unique, like they should be, but mainly how the artist highlights the scales with all the wonderful colors to make them shine!

I am SO incredibly excited to have these pieces of art on my walls! I checked my mailbox every day, and did a happy dance when I saw the package. The shipping was super-fast, I ordered it on 9/26 (a Saturday) and received it 10/1, so four business days. That's awesome!

SO, Gary! Next time you're doing your rounds in China and see these artists, please PLEASE give them my praise! Being an artist, you always love hearing your work is appreciated, and their art is inspiring!

Thanks for discovering these little jewels in China! I fully intend on purchasing more art from you. Now I can collect beautiful, authentic asian art, and not pick through the cheap "art" that gets sold to to everyone else. Thank you.

Corpus Christi, Texas (USA)

Posted: Oct 2, 2009 3:58 pm
by Gary
Thank you for the kind words.

While Xiao Meng has no dragons, we do have dragon artwork of many different styles:

There's 3 pages of dragon artwork - more than 100 pieces.

Thanks again for the rave review - I am very happy that you are pleased with your artwork purchases. It's always nice to know when someone appreciates the effort that my staff and I put into this.