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The development of Western painting strokes I

Posted: Feb 22, 2012 2:04 am
by handmadeoilpainting
The painting originated in the West, has several hundred years of development history. A long time, more emphasis on the study of color, but for the "stroke" a comprehensive, systematic study is not enough. A stroke is the main form of one of the means of painting. Delacroix said: "among the natural form of course does not exist the strokes." Brush strokes (1) shall mean the painting tools left traces. The tools include: a variety of shapes, brushes, painting knife, and hands. A variety of painting tools dipped in pigment to take a variety of operating mode, called "brush". Each artist unique operation mode, called "strokes". Through the pen moves on the screen leaving the rich, which is the part of the painting "texture". Long time, people attach great importance to the study of color, this is necessary; for stroke, although much sporadic discussion, but it is a comprehensive and systematic study it appears that much.