Perfect Canvas Artwork for your Homes

If you have some personal Asian artwork that you would like to sell, feel free to post it here, with images etc.
The story always starts: "My father/grandfather bought this in Japan/Korea just after the war..."
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Perfect Canvas Artwork for your Homes

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Perfect Canvas Artwork for your Homes

There's something about canvas art. It's more solid, full of apparent quality, than framed prints or posters. Think about the difference between canvas art on a wall, and a poster in a frame: there's something three dimensional in canvas art that the reproduction stuff lacks. Photo to canvas prints can easily get a canvas art!

Partly, of course, it's just that canvas art tends to be original. If a person has canvas art on the walls of their home, the chances are that it is the real deal – actual paint on actual canvas. And that lends an air of authenticity not just to the painting but to the room. Decorating with canvas art shows that the person doing the decorating is concerned enough about their home to make an effort.

It is possible to get reproduced and printed canvas art, of course – in the modern world anything is possible. Canvas printers can burn the image of a photograph, poster or print photo on canvas with very little trouble – but it's obvious when that's the case, which means (with the exception of photos) very few people do it. In general, canvas art is original – and the canvas art on people's walls is done with real paint and real brushes.

It's a lot easier to buy original canvas art these days than one might think. Pre Internet, a person who wanted to buy original canvas art had to find a decent art shop (i.e. one that actually sold good canvas art, as opposed to little pictures by local artists of not very much) and hope they had something there to meet their needs. Now, the Internet abounds with online stores selling original canvas art – and canvas art, at that, that can be painted to order.

There's still an issue of quality, of course: a lot of the
canvas art prints sold on the Internet is as disappointing as the stuff one used to find in the local art souvenir shop.
However a few sites, operating a proper vetting policy and commissioning work from good artists, are bringing quality original canvas art to the British home. We are a notable example – every piece of canvas art they carry is a one off, created for the site and submitted to a panel who reserve the right not to sell if they don't think the work is up to scratch.

It is sites like this that have made the idea of commissioned canvas art a reality for the average homeowner. The hardest thing, when picking a piece of canvas art for the home, is finding one that matches the feel or decor of the place in the first place. Canvas art is usually created for its own sake, which means that either the subject matter or style or colour may not go with one's home, however much one likes the picture itself. By making bespoke canvas art available – canvas art that is commissioned in style, colour and subject by a home owner – these sites have freed the British public to find exact matches for their ideas, rather than compromises.