Gluing backing paper onto sumi-e rice paper

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Gluing backing paper onto sumi-e rice paper

Post by Milburn » Mar 19, 2008 7:01 am

I have glued backing paper onto my sumi-e rice paper artwork, using a white powder mixed with water that disolved into a very good glue (as it dries, this paper stiffens and all the wrinkles go away). I got this powder from the calligraphy master I studied with, but he has passed away and the powder is gone.

Do you have any tips or products that would work for this?



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Post by Gary » Mar 19, 2008 6:00 pm

I think you are looking for Metylan paste. It's a starchy cellulose paste used for hand-mounting by many people. I don't know how much it differs from the pastes available in bulk in China for this purpose. But I think it's basically the same stuff (I guess this Metylan paste is used to apply wall paper in the USA in the "old school" way).

Here's a place in the states you can buy it: ... m?afid=218
Please note: We are not associated with this website, but they do have lots of supplies that Asian artists need. Really handy for those not living in China or Japan.