Seal Paste

First, see General Framing Info or our Step-by-step Asian Artwork Framing Tutorial. Or, you might be looking for How to Care For and Hang Your Wall Scroll.
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Seal Paste

Post by Thurs » Jun 16, 2008 10:14 am

I have read that "A quality seal paste will take at least two months to dry after the seal is stamped on the paper."
Do I have to be extra carefull when opening and handling a scroll you sent me?

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Post by Gary » Jun 16, 2008 11:38 am


We've generally taken care of that problem for you...

Most of our artwork sits in a waiting room of our mounting workshop for a few months anyway. That's not exactly on purpose, but rather the nature of the business as we almost always have a six-month-backlog of regular artwork. Though custom calligraphy, and our famous artist customers who prepare for exhibitions in China get front-of-the-line privileges.

Once the artwork goes through the heat press, the red stamps tend to be permanently set anyway (even on freshly-painted and stamped artwork).

If this were not enough, even if the stamp were to transfer, the nature of the way a wall scroll rolls up, would mean that the transfer would happen to the back of the scroll (where you'd never see it when hanging).