Batik Art Wall Hanging Question

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Batik Art Wall Hanging Question

Post by renzo » Aug 22, 2008 9:42 am

Hello , I'm wondering if for the batik hanging arts the wooden bamboo stick is necessary in order for it to be hanged ? or does this type of paintings come with sewn brackets on the back for hanging ? thanks for your help.

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Post by Gary » Aug 22, 2008 11:02 am

There is a loop of fabric at the top, where you can insert a piece of bamboo. Once you do that, two hooks or nails in your wall can be used to suspend the batik on your wall.

I suppose you could just run about 4-5 thumb tacks through the top cloth area, and hang this without the bamboo or dowel.

These batiks do not come with any attachment hardware, other than the full-width loop of hand-loomed cloth. You can either get a 3 foot dowel at the hardware store, or a bamboo pole at a garden center or nursury.

I wish I could offer the bamboo, and for a while, I tried. After I traveled to a bamboo jungle, cut some young/thin bamboo, and transported them back to the USA, I had about $6 into each piece when I considered travel and transportation costs (too much).

Of course, these are top-quality batiks that were made for me by the ladies of Stone Village. The pattern of the backing cloth and even the way the seams were sewn were done per my request. Yet, you'll find similar (but lower-quality) batiks other places for as much as $70 each (see which recently reduced their price to $36 for basic-quality tapestries - seems they are out of the actual batik versions).

I have a bunch of painted tapestries that are of a more basic quality (same as which I will be selling for $24.95 whenever I get around to listing them. I travel to the source, and buy them directly from the people who make them, which is why my price is much lower. Let me know if you want to see those.