Need a custom translation please.

We'll be happy to translate a simple phrase into Mandarin Chinese for you. We can also do your favorite Bible verse, or Chinese philosophy. If you need a long phrase, poem, or song lyrics translated, there may be a translation charge (we'll let you know before we do it).
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Need a custom translation please.

Post by Emrys » Jan 13, 2013 2:40 am

As I once was, So I will always be.

I came up with this phrase as a kind of substitute for "Once a Marine, Always a Marine" while I was in the United States Marine Corps. The reason was because I felt it would be a bit more personal to me and I thought it would translate better for a tattoo I wanted to get. I still haven't gotten the tattoo because I haven't been able to find a good translation and am hoping someone on here can help. If there is a phrase with the same basic meaning or similar that would be great as well. I would prefer Japanese Kanji (because of a personal fascination with Japanese culture as well as because I was stationed there for a time) but if there is a phrase or better translation in Chinese that would be acceptable as well. It is important to note that the phrase be broken into two, the tattoo is actually two separate identical pieces; wrapping down each arm will be an Oriental dragon carrying a scroll upon which on one arm will be the first part of the phrase and on the other arm is the second.

Sorry if this is a bit complicated and long winded but as it will eventually be permanently inked into my body I wish it to be perfect.

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Re: Need a custom translation please.

Post by Gary » Jan 14, 2013 4:50 pm

I see a few caveats here...

1. In Chinese and Japanese Buddhism (which bleeds over to the cultural philosophies), you are always in a state of flux. Preferably, changing for the better, learning, improving, etc. This could be within this life, or into the next.

2. This is going to be at least a dozen characters in Japanese. Often, a high character count like that shocks a potential customer such as yourself into wanting something a bit more simple. It would be shorter in Chinese than Japanese by the way. Be sure to read this to make sure you're making the right language choice for you: ... php?t=3099

3. Once complete, a phrase like this will take some explaining on your part when a Chinese or Japanese person reads it on your body. This is because the phrase is not an established Chinese or Japanese proverb. While this is not the easiest phrase to translate, we can certainly relay the direct meaning. It's just the idea you want to convey is a bit beyond the words. Most proverbs, idioms, and philosophies have this issue. Yours, being new (and not universally understood) will puzzle some who read it.

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