One Mind, Any Weapon

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One Mind, Any Weapon

Post by curtwill » Mar 31, 2013 12:47 pm

I thought this would be of interest. For anyone that doesn't know, it is the US Marine Corps' martial arts program motto. I'd like to see (and probably buy) it in Hanja and Hangul, but I'll bet others would like to see it in Japanese script as well.

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Re: One Mind, Any Weapon

Post by Gary » Mar 31, 2013 10:22 pm

This must be one of those post-crucible slogans. I finally get to be one of those old infantry/recon Marines that annoyed me when I was in the Corps back in the 1990s - by telling how things were, "When I was in the Corps".

I tried to figure out how I would start this. But the problem I have is that when you say, "one mind" in Chinese or Japanese, it generally speaks of teamwork, coming together, or wholehearted dedication. It's hard to make something that means, "heart, quantity 1" (to put it in military inventory terms).

I know this is going to be hard for any of my translators (by the way, I can have either a Chinese or Japanese professional translator work on this, but I no longer have a Korean translator on staff). I took a look at my search logs, and nobody has ever searched for this term in the past 7 years. That means adding this to the database would hit the wall of diminishing returns (Meaning: I would just lose money if I pay a translator for this work out of my pocket).

It sounds like you want this in Japanese. If you go forward with this, I'll be paying the Japanese translator $20 for this work. You can pay the fee to get it started here: ... ranslation

If you choose Chinese, I can issue a $10 gift certificate toward the purchase of a wall scroll with your payment for translation.
I can't do the same for Japanese since I make very little profit off authentic Japanese calligraphy.

I tried everything before coming to that conclusion. I even tried for nearly an hour to search Japanese and Chinese Google for anything like this. It seems that nobody has translated this ever into either language.

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