Inquiry on a Translation (English to Chinese)

We'll be happy to translate a simple phrase into Mandarin Chinese for you. We can also do your favorite Bible verse, or Chinese philosophy. If you need a long phrase, poem, or song lyrics translated, there may be a translation charge (we'll let you know before we do it).
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Inquiry on a Translation (English to Chinese)

Post by rokimonsta » May 9, 2013 10:00 pm

Hello, I wish to translate a phrase from English to Chinese. Hopefully, there is some already established idiom or quote similar to the saying "To live and die without regret".
Although I have come across some translation, I do not know if they are accurate or reliable.
Thank You.

If this phrase is translated, I am also interested in the styles of calligraphy this quote can be written in.

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Re: Inquiry on a Translation (English to Chinese)

Post by Gary » May 12, 2013 11:10 pm

The "live and die" part gets a little "wordy" in Chinese. I suggest picking one (either live, or die). Live is a little better for superstitious reasons.

See what I have here:

These have all been checked by native Chinese or Japanese translators at great expense. These are not crappy machine translations like you will find on many non-authoritative websites.

These titles can be written in up to 9 different styles (depending on the calligrapher you choose). You can see all the styles as you customize your wall scroll. Choose master calligrapher Xing An-Ping if you want the widest range of available character styles.