Antique Painting and Calligraphy, Birds Picture

If you have some personal Asian artwork that you would like to sell, feel free to post it here, with images etc.
The story always starts: "My father/grandfather bought this in Japan/Korea just after the war..."
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Antique Painting and Calligraphy, Birds Picture

Post by Qixixi » Jan 8, 2013 12:48 am

China scroll

[Hand]: YES
[Gift type]: Festival gift

Chinese handmade crafts have a long history that absorbs Chinese traditional and ancient culture, art, history and more traditional elements to handicrafts. Olagift collects crafts which represents regional and national characteristic, Tibet ivory/horn, cultural accessories like pendant (Nephrite Jade and Ebony ), necklace and bracelet, suzhou silk embroidery scarf and bags, old beijing cloth shoes, handmade cloisonne vase and teapot which combines painting, carving and Chinese culture perfectly. Get your favorite craft what you want to own with best service.

Calligraphy is a kind of Chinese characteristic traditional culture & art. Chinese traditional painting is self-contained in the field of the world’s art. Painting-calligraphy is just the combination of calligraphy and painting technologies with long history and excellent tradition. Paint artistic designs and write vigorous and forceful text on the silk, cloth, or paper with brush pen, prepared Chinese ink and pigment to make an elegant painting-calligraphy. Antique painting-calligraphy is turned out by high-tech printing with clear images. The antique Chinese painting is about a scene when the sun rises up in the morning, hundreds of birds come together in the forest. It is not easy fade-out and has Chinese traditional characteristics. Hanging it on the wall as a wall decoration are keeping it as a collection are both doable.
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