Chinese brass plate - what you think?

We don't do appraisals, but there are some recommendations here.
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Chinese brass plate - what you think?

Post by 2fat2slow » Jan 2, 2016 3:11 am

Good afternoon everyone,

i would like to hear your opinions on this one if possible.

Chinese brass plate:

One of the kind mark: 'Daming Xuande 5th year' (Ming dynasty, Xuande reign, year 5).
The "de" character of Xuande uses the right character of that period. It is seldom seen that the specific year is mentioned in Xuande marks. Usually it says only 'Ming dynasty, Xuande reign made', without a year. ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing

thank you.

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Re: Chinese brass plate - what you think?

Post by Gary » Jan 2, 2016 12:29 pm

I wish I knew an expert on bronze/brass for you. At antique markets in China, something like 90% of all bronze is new reproductions (a nice way to say "fake antiques"). Thus, the need for an expert to look at your piece. Even the patina on the back side can be faked (they have amazing chemicals to re-create that in a matter of weeks instead of decades).

Proceed cautiously. If this did not come from a reputable dealer with a certificate of appraisal, set your expectations accordingly.